Team INXS was formed in San Diego County by a group of flyball misfits in the fall of 2002.  Since then, the team has grown and matured into a respected and competitive flyball club.  Although please don’t utter the “mature” word outloud to any of the original cast of characters.

Comprised of close friends and family, INXS was one of the first clubs to debut the Belgian Malinois in their racing line-ups. Recognizing the speed, competitive nature, and work ethic of this breed, INXS now has upward of 20 Belgian Malinois, in training and racing, including, the number two Malinois in NAFA, Fromage, the
number six Malinois, Vader, and the number seven Malinois, Shaitan.

Club accomplishments include:

2016 Region 6 Regular Champions

2009 Region 16 Regular Regional Champions

2007 Region 16 Multi Regional Champions

2006 Region 16 Multi Regional Champions

2005 Region 16 Multi Regional Champions


Region 16 MVP 2009  Fromage

Region 16 MVP 2008  Cody

Region 16 MVP 2007  Hannah

Region 16 MVP 2006  Bunny

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